Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are Blogs Worth It?

For an author, two of the main purposes for a blog are to interact with readers, and spread the word about your books. As anyone who's visited my blog knows, I don't post very often. I just don't have time. But I try to do it once every few weeks or so, with updates from my author friends interspersed (is that still a word?).

My questions are these: Do you like blogs? What do you or don't you like about them? Do you like this blog? If not, why not? If so, why? What would you like to see more of on this blog? You can post here with your comments, or email me via the web site.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. If you're near the Atlanta area Saturday, May 17, stop out at the LifeWay Mall of Georgia store between 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. and say hello! It's LifeWay's big National Fiction Day and I'll be doing a meet/greet signing out there. Hope to see ya. cm

Monday, May 12, 2008

Library News from Author Angela Hunt

I have interacted with Angie Hunt on several occasions. Spent a little time with her at a writers' retreat, and have sought her input via email a number of times. The thing I can say about Angie is, she always seems to be doing things for other people--giving herself away. She is an enormous help to new writers and colleagues. She has a great sense of humor. And she seems to love God in a very real way. Her new Tyndale novel is called She Always Wore Red. Here's the lowdown:

Jennifer Graham—mother, student, and embalmer’s apprentice—could use a friend. She finds one in McLane Larson, a newcomer to Mt. Dora. While McLane’s soldier-husband serves overseas, Jen promises to support McLane, then learns that her tie to this woman goes far deeper than friendship. When a difference of opinion threatens their relationship, Jennifer discovers weaknesses in her own character . . . and a faith far stronger than she had imagined.

To go to Angie's web site, click here.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Libary News from Author Elizabeth White

My good friend, Beth White, has a brand new book out that I would like to let her tell you about. Beth and her husband were so kind recently when they put up myself and author pals Cindy Woodsmall and Amy Wallace for a night at their home in Mobile. We were in town for a booksigning and Beth had kind of a small party at her home. We were so blessed by her hospitality. She's a great writer. Her new book is Controlling Interest. Here's Beth's insight on the book:

Matt Hogan's Memphis detective agency has been on the skids since a recent attack of conscience cost him an important case. When a wealthy investor steps in and saves River City Investigations, Matt thinks all his prayers have been answered-until he finds out that with the investor comes a new partner.

Fresh out of criminal justice school and a two-year stint in the Tunica County Sheriff's Department, Natalie Tubberville is out to prove she can cut it in the world of private investigations. But her reluctant partner is just as determined to have nothing to do with her--until Natalie makes him an offer he can't refuse! If Matt solves the next case before she does, she will return her share of the company.

And the race is on. As two strong personalities compete, mutual attraction grows…while a simple case of a runaway bride threatens to become an international incident. Will Matt and Natalie call off the competition-or discover an entirely new arrangement?

If you're interested, click here to visit Beth's web site!