Monday, October 26, 2009

Novel News from Author Cindy Woodsmall

My friend and Georgia neighbor, Cindy Woodsmall, has a new novella coming out just in time for Christmas. Cindy is a wonderful friend who is extremely committed to her family and her craft. She's also a New York Times best-selling author whose connection with the Amish has been featured on ABC Nightline and the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Her ability to authentically capture the heart of her characters comes from her real-life connections with Plain Mennonite and Old Order Amish families.

Her new novella is entitled, The Sound of Sleigh Bells:

Beth Hertzler works alongside her beloved Aunt Lizzy in their dry goods store, and serving as contact of sorts between Amish craftsmen and Englischers who want to sell the Plain people’s wares. But remorse and loneliness still echo in her heart everyday as she still wears the dark garb, indicating mourning of her fiancĂ©. When she discovers a large, intricately carved scene of Amish children playing in the snow, something deep inside Beth’s soul responds and she wants to help the unknown artist find homes for his work–including Lizzy’s dry goods store. But she doesn’t know if her bishop will approve of the gorgeous carving or deem it idolatry. Lizzy sees the changes in her niece when Beth shows her the woodworking, and after Lizzy hunts down Jonah, the artist, she is all the more determined that Beth meets this man with the hands that create healing art. But it’s not that simple–will Lizzy’s elaborate plan to reintroduce her niece to love work? Will Jonah be able to offer Beth the sleigh ride she’s always dreamed of and a second chance at real love–or just more heartbreak?

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Novel News from Author Susan Meissner

Hey gang,

My friend Susan Meissner has a new novel out entitled White Picket Fences. The word is, readers of emotional dramas that are willing to explore the lies families tell each other for protection and comfort will enjoy this new work of Susan's. The novel is ideal for those who appreciate exploring questions like: what type of honesty do children need from their parents, or how can one move beyond a past that isn’t acknowledged or understood? Is there hope and forgiveness for the tragedies of our past and a way to abundant grace?

The story in a nutshell:

When her black sheep brother disappears, Amanda Janvier eagerly takes in her sixteen year-old niece. Tally is practically an orphan: motherless, and living with a father who raises Tally wherever he lands– in a Buick, a pizza joint, a horse farm–and regularly takes off on wild schemes. Amanda envisions that she and her family can offer the girl stability and a shot at a “normal” life, even though their own storybook lives are about to crumble.

You can find out more right HERE.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book News from Author Cheryl Wyatt

Hey guys,

My friend, up-and-coming author Cheryl Wyatt, was born on Valentine’s Day--of all days--and guess where? On a naval base, of all places! That makes her a prime candidate for writing military romance novels.

Her new tale, Soldier Daddy (great title) is about....well, let me give you the official blurg:

U.S. Air Force commander Aaron Petrowski leads pararescue teams, yet can't find one nanny for his three-year-old twins? The widowed father is returning to duty, but not without the best care for his beloved boys. So when Sarah Graham applies, the young woman surprises everyone by passing inspection. Until Aaron discovers Sarah has a secret tied to a tragedy in his past. He can't keep her in his employ—or in his heart. Until his brave little soldier boys teach him a thing or two about love.

The book got 4 of 5 Stars at Romantic Times. Get the book on Amazon and visit Cheryl's web at