Monday, November 10, 2008

Library News from Author Elizabeth White

Hey everyone,

My good friend Beth White has a new novel out that I think you will enjoy. Beth was kind enough to host authors Cindy Woodsmall and Amy Wallace and I in her home when we did a book signing in Mobile, AL, not long ago.

Here's more on the new book:

Redeeming Gabriel by Elizabeth White

Spying for the Union army has taken a heavy toll on Gabriel Laniere. With deception a constant in his life, he can't allow himself to get close to anyone - not even God. Yet Camilla Beaumont, daughter of the Confederacy, just might be the exception. Camilla has a dangerous secret that rivals Gabriel's...and the unlikely partnership they forge could be the key Gabriel seeks to a soul-shaking truith larger than any conflict - love.

Romantic Times Bookclub says, "Elizabeth White's Redeeming Gabriel (4 stars) is a sweetly evocative story, with just the right amount of mystery to keep readers engrossed."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jerry Jenkins At His Finest

Guys, you must read Jerry Jenkins' latest novel, RIVEN. I believe it's close to 500 pages. I've not stuck with a book this thick since I don't know when. This one strikes home on so many levels. Need I say more? Find this book and read it (after you've read mine, of course)!