Monday, January 4, 2010

Novel News from Author Cheryl Wyatt

My friend Cheryl Wyatt has worked very hard at the craft of fiction writing and it shows in her new novel, A Soldier's Devotion.

This is the story of U.S. Air Force pararescue jumper Vince Reardon, who was headed off on a lifesaving mission until a too-pretty lawyer crashed her fancy car into his motorcycle—sidelining him for two weeks. Vince could barely accept Valentina Russo's heartfelt apologies. Ever since his brother was wrongly convicted—and killed in prison—Vince has lost respect for lawyers. But wait—is that Val volunteering at his refuge for underprivileged kids? If Vince isn't careful, this lady of the law might just earn his respect...and his heart.

Learn more HERE.

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